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Is the "Easy Install" script working for v13 Production yet?

I want to start training people how to install this without very many corrective actions to be done along the way. So I was hoping to find the standard easy install script working for this purpose.

Can anyone verify if this is working yet? I do not want to have to teach them how to deal with the develop branch and then moving to production. I want to install directly into production if possible.


Hi, if you use Debian, you can try this

@bkm The easy install script normally works on plain linux installation. However there are lots of post complaining on having different problems with it and requiring a hack every now and then. You should try installing it on the plain servers few times to be sure and then save the install script for your reference somewhere, so that new updates or patches might not break it.

Ok, I did get it to work!

I will try to setup another post thread with detailed instructions for installing on Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10, and CentOS as I work through each one with the correct packages to pre-load.


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Did you use the method martin42 mentioned? im still having some trouble.

I modified the steps from @martin42 a little bit to work on Ubuntu 20.04. You can find the steps I used EXACTLY posted here:

Hope this helps you…


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Thanks a lot BKM, i did finally get the other method to work but i kind of botched it a bit. I’m going to start up fresh with your instructions!!
Your help is much appreciated!