Is it possible to migrating odoo database in ERPNEXT

I currently use odoo version 8.i want to migrate my odoo database into ERPnext .is there any method or script available to migrate postgresql into mariadb?

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I have same question.

For Master data customer, supplier and item we can easily import it in ERPNext via Data Import Tool

Now, need more easy solution to import transaction data from other ERP.
It will be very helpful for odoo customer to easily migrate into ERPNext.

Hi @Jaydip_Zatakiya

As @kolate_sambhaji said, you can use the data import tool.

However, if the community can pitch in or sponsor the development of a migration tool, it would be awesome!

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@anand What would be the approximate cost for migration tool from Odoo>erpnext. I just stumbled on to erpnext few days ago and really would love to leave odoo behind.

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@Tuxie welcome to the forum.

What tables (just the master or all transactions too) do you want to migrate. Also what version of Odoo are you using?

We’re currently using odoo 8.
Basically we’re using currently mainly the sales & HR side of odoo. Just starting to move to manufacturing and currently all the product data is inputted but no production events have been created yet.

I think it would be a worth trying the data import tool.

thanks @rmehta it’s worth to trying this technique… :smile:

@Jaydip_Zatakiya How did it go? I need to accomplish something similar but from odoo v7.