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Is it possible to deploy ERPNext into an Azure App Service with Python?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it is possible to deploy ERPNext to an Azure App Service (the fully-managed platform of Azure). I was looking through the internet but seems to be no documentation for this kind of installation. If anyone could put me on the right path would be nice.

Jesus Santander

It looks like Azure App Service can host Docker containers:

All Frappe applications (like ERPNext) can be ran as a Docker container.

Have you found a solution, yet @jsantanders?
Would be very nice especially for the development environments. At the moment we are running several ubuntu VMs on Azure - works fine, but I would prever App Services, too.

This is not possible because of constraint from azure.

When we add docker-compose.yml , it gets converted to a base64 string, and this needs to be under 4000 characters. The default production/dev yml is too large.

You are correct. They do say “at this time”, but who knows when they will change it.