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Ionic Mobile App connected to ERPNext as backend


source :

Example Retrieves user profile using token to prove API calls are made.

  • Uses frappe’s OAuth2 for authorization
  • Seamless session refresh with refresh token (for offline abilities)
  • Uses Ionic/Angular
  • Uses native http calls instead of cordova/browser calls to circumvent CORS
  • Minimum Unit tests and E2E tests to ensure API functionality and upgrades

Checkout README for more details

Note: Promises not entertained, only Observables :wink:

Screenshots :

Home Page without login

Sidebar login

Login InAppBrowser

Home Page with profile

Sidebar Logout


Tried it out -

Im getting 417 (Expectation Failed) status from the server.
Any idea whats going on?


Sorry my bad its working now forgot to add social login key for frappe provider.


Everything seems to work but there are a bunch of errors in the console on login and logout -


navigator.splashscreen is not available in browser

That error can be ignored. will work in cordova

edlt: fixed the errors

Use this app as starter. Do change the storage to something better in production.