Invoice create date in template

how to add a created date to invoice jinja template.
with parameters (dd-mm-yyyy)
and please share with us all template needed elements. if there any section in the documentation site.

How and why is a creation date needed, rather than the date when the Sales Invoice is first saved? Is it that the Sales Invoice will be prepared earlier than the actual billing date and the date needs to be changed to the billing date?

the date when the Sales Invoice is first saved
this what i need


in the template put

{{ frappe.utils.format_date(doc.creation) }}

If you are using the print format builder, put this in a HTML section

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When a Sales Invoice is saved, the date does not change unless the Edit Posting Date and Time check box is checked. Once submitted it cannot be changed. If the billing date is to be different than the creation date , the date can be changed before submitting. To add a second date field, create a Custom Field in Setup to add to Sales Invoice then add that to whatever print format or report.