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Inventory, Kit label printing

I’m wondering if there is capability within ERPNext for printing inventory labels (e.g., to affix to stock boxes) and also for labeling parts kits that we send off to contract manufacturers.

or, is there some way to do this with middle-ware or by exporting data to another app?

I’ve been contemplating a switch to ERPNext for a couple of years now and something like this would really help me make the decision to jump in with both feet.



just bumping here to see if anyone has an answer…


It can be printed as barcode sticker. You may need to make print format as per your liking. Zebra barcode printer is normally used by all our clients to print stickers with item name, barcode, company name and price. This is a custom print format hence you have to define your own as per the need.

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You can try raw printing:

I guess that’s what even @Muzzy is referring to.

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