Inventory adjustments?


I am trying to find away to adjust my inventory after doing an inventory count. My warehouse and erpnext counts are off.

How can I enter the current counts in to ERPNext?

hi @smokinjo

You can do stock reconciliation


Thanks for the reference.

The ideal one for me would be the one where we can download the CSV file, and enter out values.

But, before you can download a file, you need to type in every item that you want to see on the list.

Pointing out the obvious here would be to say that if I will take the time to type in each and every item and then download it, I can just as quick;y add in the new value for the current quantity at the same time as typing in the item itself.

Where is there a way that I could just:

Download ALL the products in a CSV file
Update the new quantities
Erase the unchanged items
Upload the file

How can I get a file with ALL items?



Doesn’t this help ??


In addition to @centaur’s answer, also try this process.

Please check below image:

Please download csv file then you can change some value or qty after that update and save it.

Thank You!

Hello NCP and centaur

Thanks for the ideas. The idea of “fetch items form warehouse” is pretty much what am looking for.

If I understand it correctly, after fetching the items form the warehouse, I just download the list. Right?

I then adjust what ever numbers I need to adjust. Save it. The upload it on that same page and save it. Right?

Assuming nothing goes wrong, then my inventory will be updated. Right?


Hi @smokinjo,

Right and go ahead with this process.

Thank You!