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Introducing the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy sub-module

Hello Community,

We have introduced a new sub-module in ERPNext Healthcare for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Healthcare facilities. This is currently merged into the develop branch.

This module largely covers:

Exercise Type

Mapping Exercises for a Patient is at the heart of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Exercise Type in ERPNext helps you templatize the Exercise based on its difficulty level, body parts for which it is prescribed, and the steps involved in the same.

Therapy Type

As therapists, you might be prescribing a number of different therapies for a patient right from Intensive Upper Limb Training to Functional Mobility, and so on. Every therapy might have a set of exercises. ERPNext helps you templatize the therapies using the “Therapy Type” DocType. With this, you can create and link therapies to Healthcare Service Units, add standard rates and Item details for billing, and also add exercises according to Body Parts.

Therapy Plan

A Therapy Plan lists all the therapies required for the Patient along with the number of sessions which will be conducted for each therapy. It also keeps track of the progress as per the number of sessions completed.

Therapy Session

ERPNext helps you track every session conducted with the Patient in the Therapy Session DocType. Booking an appointment is optional for a Therapy Session. It helps you map the Patient’s progress by keeping track of the Targeted Counts, Counts Completed and the Assistance Level required for the Patient to complete each Exercise.

Patient Assessment Template

There are over 20-25 evaluation forms that you will need to fill up during a patient’s rehab therapy to track their progress. These evaluations have certain parameters based on which the Patient’s progress will be evaluated. Different forms have different scales to rate progress. You can create all such Patient Assessment forms seamlessly in ERPNext by creating Patient Assessment Templates.

Patient Assessment

The Patient Assessments in Rehabilitation provide evidence to support the development of a rehabilitation plan, tailored to the client’s needs, circumstances, and goals. Healthcare Practitioners have to record assessments at regular intervals to track Patient Progress. There are various assessments that are conducted for the Patient like Motor Assessment Scale, Functional Mobility Scale, Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM), etc. Patient Assessment DocType helps you capture these assessments at any point in time during the Therapy Plan.

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