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Introducing POS Awesome

Please make sure you are on the right branch “version1”, then do:
git pull upstream version1
bench setup requirements
bench build --app posawesome
bench restart

thank you for your help. but sorry that I can’t solve this error.

can you help me how to install right branch “version1” or what’s the meaning right branch “version1”

Please check this article :

It worked.

I recently upgraded ERPNEXT to 13.beta.6
The post entry page can not submit

Terminal shows a server 500 error.
I install posawesome upstream version1

Already a good thread for the POS enhancement was initiated, where I put some feature to implement, I will reshare it now and ready to discussed further for implementation purpose.

It’s wonderful work so far.
I am not POS specialist, but I will add few points to the discussion collected during my real buying transactions.

1-As a consumer it’s a must that seller provide me option for return goods for money refund or a balance voucher limited in the time to re use and buy other things from the same brand (not necessary same showroom, it can be from another showroom located somewhere)
2-exchange transaction also is a must during a limited period, it can be part of point#1
3-show price once item get scanned on a mirror screen also is very important, since as a consumer I will check if rack price is similar to the one in the POS system. Here most of discounted prices on rack are different from system due to human errors.
4-as cashier working 8 hours in the POS he don’t need to see item images, I bellive after 3 days he will very well memorize them. in the other hand consumer need to see image and price in the same time to be sure what he is paying at the end is same what he took in hand.
5-IKEA POS they show one field in the top and label keep changing as long as transaction is progressing, first system ask to change qty manually if greater than 1, press enter same field change label and will accept scanned item code, once done new line added below in the second half screen, than pass to scan second item, same loop, once finish it call payment screen, at the end accept payment, print ticket and open drawer.
6-print bylingual item description in the same ticket some country request this option.
7-add invoice number as barcode, to easy scan it later in the return exchange transaction.
8-in case cashier did enter an item by mistake, or found wrong price, to delete/update this line it need a supervisor intervention, not same user can delete, to avoid fraud.
9-Consumer sometime need to check price only, here no need to create new invoice to check price only.
10-sometimes managers give a gift to friends or visitors from showroom, it will be free item how to do it in new POS?
11-I suggest to transfer stock ledger and accounting ledgers once current invoice get printed, at that time cashier is dealing with change so we have time to trigger jobs and update stock level ontime. for next customer system should show updated stock level. in case of @bkm billing can be made in the last step and happen only if customer get goods in hand, in other words POS scenario differ from business to business, Carrefour for exemple you pick items then pay, it should be a pick confirm somewhere in your process as pre requisite for billing.
12-Add queu numbering in the ticket, usefull in restaurant and fast food.
13-for some reason current invoice get stuck and need to pass to next client but we do not want to loose it, how to save it as draft and go back later once issue resolved.

I hope above points will find acceptance and help to build sellable POS system.



Thank you, I’m new in erpnext. So it’s hard to me to develop erpnext. however Finlay with your help, I’ve installed the Pos Awesome.

You have to fork out POS Awesome as your own repo. Add it as a custom app and then it will work.

You will have to keep merging from @yrestom repo regularly though.

Go to POS Profile List, edit an item, add payment method.
Thats it.

Thank you @youssef!!! This was long overdue, can’t wait!!!

Thank you for sharing ideas,

I added this to the plan, and for now, it only supports cash returns

As I see there is no way to do this because of the way Erpnext works, if you can find a way for this I would be happy to apply it.

The cashier has the option of either list view or card view, and I think this is an acceptable approach

I think there is no need for this because of the way the POS works now, as the cashier can easily change the quantity and price

You can easily adjust the print format to suit your business need

You can create a customer account dedicated to gifts and then close its value in expenses

In POS Awesome, I register directly to the sales invoice, and I directly update and verify the inventory in every sale

For restaurants, I think it takes more than that
We can say that the point of sale needs to be more customized to suit the style of restaurant business

This has been implemented in POS Awesome and works smoothly

Have you tried POS Awesome and what is your impression of it?

You can install it now, it is ready for use in the production environment

Hi @youssef,
I did not do any test for POS Awesome, congrats for that work.

Are you going to merge it to the main ERPNext system?

I will do tests and let you know comments insha allah.


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Hello, Its great to have this new app which is so much attractive and user friendly.

May i know how to add discount in item line as well for Grand Total. Even the taxes are note getting fetched from item tax.

For discounts check POS Profile

And for Taxes check in sales invoice “TAX BREAKUP” section after submitting the Invoice

I got the discount. But unable to get the taxes.

As my all the items have TAX 5%. Price of the item is 271. When TAX 5% is included then grand total should be 285.

This is my POS.

This is the Sales Invoice.

I want 285 as grand total in POS Awesome. How can i get it.

Pos awesome is currently tax inclusive only. Please read the thread by developer. He has mentioned it above.

I think you are mistaken by the term included.

If your price is 271 including 5% tax then the real price (what you receive after tax) is 271-(271*5%)=258
While if it is excluding 5% tax then 271+(271*5%)=285

If you want the price to include tax but you want to receive nett 271 then you should list the price as 285 so 285-(285*5%)=271

First of all nice work and keep on improving. Is always good to have a second and different POS.
Will yours support Offline or just Online ?