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Introducing POS Awesome

Thanks @olamide_shodunke for your kind advice. Scratching my itch! Ha ha ha…that’s precisely what I’m trying to do! That’s how I discovered ERPNext in the first place. I’ll keep my lines open in case you come across an interested coder. As for funding, don’t have to worry, we can always sell a few cattle. Cheers

Sounds good man, espescially return from POS.
One thing I like to mention that the one on v13 looks better in term of UI :slight_smile:

This is POS Awesome Plan for the next versions.

Of course, this plan is not final, the door is open for discussion and participation.

And with regard to the dashboard, are there any ideas about what would be appropriate to put there and be useful to the cashier or that the point of sale does not need a dashboard in the first place?

Note: It now supports both versions V12 and V13

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I am using FC on my business so I am not able to execute the CL from linux prompt to install PoS . Is there any method to install it on FC directly. Thank u

Can you add promotion code in that modules. I think it’s useful for retails.
Thanks and best regards,

It is in the plan, and it will be helpful if you can give some ideas about how should work.


I am not sure, can you give me more details.

I have my ERPNext on frappecloud account . I mean my plan of using erpnext is hosted by FC they have control on host

I think @aakvatech might help you better than me

You will have to fork this to your own repo and then add it to FC.

I see . I will try to fork . Thank u

after install POS Awesome, When I try to open POS Awesom, ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named ‘Frappe.utils.gitutils’ is displayed. please anyone help me to solve this error.

Please try below command for missing module will install by pip.

  python -m pip install git_python_utils

This is awesome stuff! Thank you for the contribution. @youssef

Is this a part of the ERPnext distro now?

thank you for your reply. after installing using command line

python -m pip install git_python_utils

the error is existed.

Which Frappe and Erpnext version you have?

This is a custom app

I ran bench version and the message show

erpnext 13.x.x-develop
frappe 13.x.x-develop

Please use this branch for now, it fixed there.

same error displayed after new version install