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Introducing Pick List πŸ“

Hello Community,

Glad to announce that Pick List feature has been introduced to ERPNext.

Pick List

A Pick List is a document that indicates the name of the warehouse from which item should be picked to fulfill the order (it can be also used for general stock picking). Pick List will also suggest serial no. for a serialized item and batch no. for a batched item.

Note: Serial no. is selected on a FIFO basis and batch no. is selected on expiry first basis (batch nearer to expiry will be selected first).

Currently following flows are supported:

  • Sales Order > Pick List (purpose: Delivery against Sales Order) > Delivery Note (updates sales order)

  • Work Order > Pick List (purpose: Material Transfer for Manufacture) > Stock Entry (updates work order)

  • Material Request > Pick List (purpose: Material Transfer) > Stock Entry

Pull Request Link


Please check it out.




If I may ask a silly question…is this in V12 or V11 or both ??


@olamide_shodunke It’s currently on develop and will mostly be merged to V12.

V11 will not have this feature.

Thank you

@surajshetty could you help understand how this feature helps:

  • It will find out the best warehouse to pick up material from

Am I missing something here ?

I think it just makes a list of items to be picked based on order it was entered. Not sure it has functionality of sorting it by zone or best route to reduce picking time. Another usual requirement by warehouse is of the specific batch that needs to be picked. Example some customer may only accept items which has 50% or more time to expire.

The other question is can a barcode scanner PDA be used by picker to reduce stock automatically from the shelf?

Nevertheless this is a good start and am sure community will start building on top of it.
We need to emulate WAMAS by Schaefer. This is one of the top WMS software

Thank you @surajshetty for the effort.


@Muzzy Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, you are right, currently, its basic warehouse selection based on FIFO. But it will now be easier to add advanced features as we collect requirements from the community.

Also, can you explain sorting by zone? How is it supposed to work?

For your other question, the stock picker can use barcode scanner PDA to enter serial no. that has been picked. Based on that stock deduction will happen once the Stock Entry/Delivery Note is created from the Pick List.

Hi. Zoning works like this

Warehouse is divided into multiple zones each having unique ID
When stock entry is done each item is physically and logically kept in the zone
Each zone has one or multiple pickers

Let’s assume that a customer order has come for stock kept in multiple zones.
The pick list is broken down into zone pick list containing items from that zone only.
If possible the list is made into best route for picker to pick items in quickest time.
Pickers collect the items and transfer them to main collection area.
At main collection area multiple pick list are collated back and one delivery note is prepared.

To further this cause I would recommend adding items by expiry dates as well. As mentioned above there are clients specially large supermarket who have policy of not accepting product validity date after a certain % has passed. Example 50% validity. Product production date is 1st Jan 2018 expiry is 31 Dec 2019. So 2 years validity. At 50% the customer will accept product maximum till 31 Dec 2018 if the item is delivered on 1st Jan 2019 then it won’t be accepted as 50% of validity has passed. This is to safeguard them from having items expiring on shop shelves or making special promotions to push them out.

Hope I have been able to make it simple to understand.

@surajshetty we are working in adding barcode scanning to the pick list. We want to make Picked Qty to zero by default. Only after picker has scanned the item and confirmed the Qty this field would be filled. How can make it to zero?

I would like to ask about warehouse at line level, currently I cannot change it if item stock is available in multiple warehouses? it’s not editable?

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v12.5.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.3.0 (version-12)

Great work, thanks.

Just tested with product bundles and it does not actually pull the bundled stock items and tried to pull the non-stock bundle item which in turn produces the below error. Can provisions be made to check on bundled item in source doctype to then pull the stock items of the bundle?

Same as originally referenced in issue below.


@surajshetty Great job! this is very useful.

Currently, our workflow works as follows:

SO>SINV>MREQ>STE (material transfer)>DN

Is it possible to link STE’s to Pick Lists? We’d like to use them as follows:

SO>SINV>MREQ>Pick List>STE (material transfer)>DN

Thanks in advance!!

I agree, WAMAS by Schafer is amazing and it could be great if ERPNext emulates it, as you’re mentioning.

Pick List with barcode scanner is essential for taking ERPNext to the next level.

The most updated technology for picking is augmented reality through smart glasses. Can you imagine: ERPNext + smartglasses?