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Introducing Dashboard



I was attempting to get data from a field in a custom doctype and put it on a chart (one way or the other). If I pick this custom doctype for Document Type as a dashboard chart and also choose average as Chart Type, then the Value Based On doesn’t see any of the fields from the custom doctype…that is, the drop-down is unpopulated.

Also, If I try to make a custom Chart Type, then of course it wants a chart source - right? So, I make a new chartsource and set that. As soon as I save it, it throws an error dialog telling me that the newChartSource.js file is missing.

I’m confused about what the chart source is supposed to do as it merely seems to point to a module.


The field to be chosen inside Value Based On has to be of type ‘Int’, ‘Float’, ‘Currency’ or ‘Percent’. Are you sure that your Custom DocType has at least one of these?


That must be the problem. I don’t have any of those data types in the custom doctype. I’d love to correct it and test but my ability to edit doctypes has suddenly become broken and I get the same error as reported here.


@Rich_Hampton Update ERPNext to the latest version 12.1.1 - the bug with the doctype editing was fixed ( promptly I have to add ).




Any plan to make the dashboard accept none graph content, like textual statistics, something like this:


@RWEMA_Aimable MetaBase could possibly do this. You could try to embedd it a custom page.


It can and it could be embedd in a custom page.

i’ve done this a few months ago…