Instalación con repositorio GitHub

Como puedo instalar nexxt con alojamiento en LocalHost, soy nuevo en esto.
Quiero implementarlo, estoy usanso VSC

If you want to install ERPNext locally, you can use the following tutorial that has helped me many times. Regards

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Very helpful work, thank you!

Do you think there are big difference installing Frappe on a Rocky Linux 8, other than repositories and package managers? It comes with Python3.6, by default, and it´s become a little bit tricky for me to get a production setup running stable with Let´s encrypt?

Thanks in advance

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For Rockylinux the only tutorial that worked for me was this one:

And for production I recommend you to use

I have tried it and had no problems.

Good luck and go ahead :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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I´ll be trying that right away!!!

I deeply apreciate your help.

Thank you mate!

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