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Incorrect Balance Qty After Transaction

Incorrect Balance Qty After Transaction

This is an essential report to run and repost item valuation for transactions that are listed on this report regularly.

One should run this report regularly and create “Repost Item Valuation” doc of type “Transaction” for each of the transactions that are listed having incorrect balance qty after transactions so that to ensure the balances are correct in the Stock Ledger.

This is applicable to v13 beta as well as v13.

Hi @aakvatech

Can we use the Repost Item Valuation doctype to correct the Actual Qty after Transaction?
I was under the impression that it can only be used to correct the valuation rate.

Also any idea on why the Actual Qty after Transaction is sometimes inconsistent/incorrect leading to wrong values in the Stock Ledger Report?

A lot of users have been experience this lately

We have used this technique to automatically create Repost Item Valuation if there is a discrepancy found in the report.

It’s not an elegant solution but something to get automated and run every 15 minutes just to make sure Stock Ledger Entry is in order.