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Income Tax & Formulas Using Tax Slab


I would like to setup income tax calculations using tax slabs. Our income tax calculation is as follows:

Annual Income Annual Income Tax
P0 – P36,000 P0
P36,001 – P72,000 5%
P72,001 – P108,000 P1,800 + 12·5% of excess over P72,000
P108,001 – P144,000 P6,300 + 18·75% excess over P108,000
P144,001 and above +P13,050 +25% of excess over P144,000

How do add formulas on the tax slabs to achieve this?

NO takers?

Where can I understand the condition & Formula syntax? Maybe I can do this using salary components.

What have you found or tried, a search will turn up clue pointers

I have been able to achieve this using Salary Structure component (basically nested if statements)

I wanted to know if this can be achieved using tax slabs. We will have multiple salary structures and I don’t want to maintain this on every salary structure. If tax rules changes, then we have to make a lot of changes.