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In "Item Card Group" item link is not working

In website “Item Card Group” item link is not working,
As i click on product it direct it on “#” page.
can anyone help me to fix this. PFA screenshot.

Hi, I have your exact same issue. Have you somehow managed to solve?

btw, doing some research in the code it appears that the issue come from here:
/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/templates/includes/macros.html : 129

I tried to remove the or "#" and this is what comes out

it seems like it looks for the wrong field … but at this moment I haven’t found a way to fix it

Yes, I have the same issue.
Any fix?

Nothing yet

Do you think it could work to replace the #with “/all-products” so that you navigate to all products than nothing at all?

yes it would work certainly because your giving it static path, but at least in my case - with over 30.000 items - it would be useless …
I’ll try to dig into why this is not working for item cards but it is working for wishlist cards

The route field was removed from the Item master in a recent refactor, and moved to Website Item, i guess this web template was missed.
Will fix this, the template must have Website Item as the Link field options
edit: fixed

Hi @marination,

Thank you very much for pointing this out.
I wonder when is this going to be fixed. I am going to patiently wait for a proper fix.

@LeoZan, This has just been fixed on ERPNext updated to 13.18.0

@marination, Thank you very much for the fix BUT however there is another issue that is also missed out, I guess…

Please check on [Primary Action] Button.
it shows the below error