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Importing bank statement


same here also.
@shraddha any solution for this?


@shraddha I’m also having the same problem - can’t select Bank Reconciliation from the Data Import Tool. The save button on the DocType setup page for Bank Reconciliation doesn’t seem to work as per @dhruv_pandit’s comment. Can you help, please? Thank you very much.


We have the same problem. 'We check “Allow Import”, but when we save it will reset the checkbox back to unchecked. Is there a solution for this?

Thank you.




My understanding is that Bank Reconciliation should not be an importable doctype. There’s code in the controller that does an actual import of bank statement - although today it’s not really a proper bank reconciliation but an adjustment of the value date for already booked payment entries.

Proper bank reconciliation functionality is not yet available.



Hi Chude,

Do you know if there is another way to import bank statements? We cannot enter everything by hand. Too many change on errors and takes ages.



Hi Mark,

Can’t think of any way besides using Excel to transform the bank statement to an import file formated for Payment Entry.

I suspect a number of people are working on a proper bank reconciliation tool. There is an open issue in ERPNext github on the topic.



Hi Chude,

Thank you. We will try that for now.



Hi, I’m testing out v11.1.10 (local copy from the published VM) and trying to figure out how to get the bank data into the system so I can do reconciliation. Importing statement csv is a compromise to direct syncing (I assume that does not work with US banks?). So I’m trying to follow this thread. When I try “bench set-config developer_mode 1” it gives me error that command set-config does not exist. So then I tried to set the site_config.json to this:


I rebooted the server to make sure it took. Then I open the DocType “Bank Reconciliation” form and check the “Allow Import” box. But when I hit save the form resets to an unchecked box. So I’m unable to open that Data Import.




I think the fix you are looking for is getting close:


OK, that looks cool, any idea when it will be incorporated? Or is this some sort of plugin that can be tested?


I don’t know much beyond what is posted on GitHub. Charles-Henri is amazing and very responsive. If the maintainers discover new issues, I am sure that he will work to quickly address them.


Any idea when it will be incorporated