Images in query report

hi all
i`v created a query report for item prices to list fields as :

selecttabItem Price.item_code as "Item:Link/Item:120",tabItem Price.item_name as " Item Name:Link/Item:220",tabItem Price.price_list_rate as "Price:Float:0", (SELECT tabItem.image FROM tabItem wheretabItem Price.item_code = AS " Image:item_image" fromtabItem PricewheretabItem Price.selling = 1 andtabItem Price.price_list = "1stsell" andtabItem Price.buying = 0

and it works fine but the image field show only the path of the image how to format it as html img field ??

thanks in advance

I am not sure that is possible out of the box and is not supported by SlickGrid.

What about the ability to show item price in item list view with images ?

you got any solution to add images in Query report

Not Yet !!