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Idea: Change in Project-Billing

@rmehta I guess my e-Mail reply did not work :confused: well doesn’t matter:
Unfortunately I am not having a dev…I’ve been looking for a dev to contribute…If I could do it on my own, I would…but I am more a Swift coder than Python/Web…:confused:

i would like to work on this! If the spec sheet been decided


@vivek @rmehta
I guess the outline and specs of the “project billing cycle” is stated and liked already a lot of times. If you work on this and contribute, maybe @rmehta and the others will include it in the further release and maybe v7.


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@vivek start a pull request, will be happy to keep reviewing

@vivek if you’re going to do some work on the Project module check this post out. I have a couple more ideas that are closely related to this. I’d be happy to work with you on this, but don’t have the coding background!

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ok, i shall start the dev, Will send in a pull request @rmehta


@rmehta, shouldn’t we pin this topic in order others may also like to contribute?

I just saw this thread and it is much needed. I have been holding off on using ERPNext due to the lack of project billing functionality using tasks and timesheets. Any news on the development of this functionality?

any news on that :wink: