I want erpnext code in my window 10 locally

Hello EveryOne,
I have installed Erpnext in my window 10 using virtual box and erpnext image http://build.erpnext.com/ERPNext-Production.ova. But The problem i am facing is the erpnext code is in virtual machine And i wanted that in my local IDE so that i can make changes. How can i do that and if i was able do that than how can i again push that on to my virtual machine so that it will reflect my frappe frontend.

please help

if you are using VS Code as your editor on Windows, it provides you with an Remote SSH extension. You can ssh into the VM using that extension while you develop on windows. I have not used the Virtual Box image hence can’t give more info on how to enable ssh but that is more related to Linux rather than specific to ERPNext

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Please use frappe docker for development in case of windows machine.