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I found VPS hosting for a good price. Does Anyone use these ones with ERPNext?

here is one that i have found you can try if it fits best to you.

I’ve been with DO, Linode, MediaTemple over the years and found Contabo about 3 years ago.

Tried Contabo for months, now I swear by them. I often do go to DO for some community tutorials though :slight_smile: I rent about 8 VPSs from them, all ranging from XL SSD to S SSD.

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Hi there is an excellent/amazing sale going on at

Damn crazy prices for next 9 hours.


Very tempting prices, but I get concerned after I read some reviews here lists offers / promos by different providers. ERPNext needs KVM type VPS - just a reminder as you can find OpenVZ VPS there for as low as $2/month.

Expensive. Try Contabo. Been a user for 2 years now. You can’t beat their pricing anywhere else, I swear.


True. I did a bit of back check and discarded idea of taking a server from them. Happy to stick with Digital Ocean and Vultr. Will try Cotanbo as test server for next few months.

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I am trying this and as per your recommendation we made payment for a year but I have not got any success installing ERPNext.
I have reported the issue here.

How did you get it to install? Looks like redis-server installation is failing.

Aww man, it’s Redis’ fault. You’ll be shocked at how simple the solution is though :laughing:

Format your server and give this first: “enable_ipv6” and proceed.

Best of luck!

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Ok thanks. Let me give it a try.
Actually it failed the same way on Local Server with --python python2.7 but worked on python3

Does the vps ssd have swap?

Yes. Contabo has swap.

Dotzo Looks quite expensive when you have to maintain multiple clients servers
After alot of comparisons I think Contabo is the cheapest but it have less size options.

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Currently your only 2 posts in the forum are advertisements. Are you an active ERPNext user?


@bkm This user has surfaced in other posts where VPS providers are mentioned and the post is always the same so it’s obviously a spam account used to advertise that VPS provider.

Well… possibly. The account has been active for several months and it lists many many posts read but only 2 posts made. So I didn’t want to rush to judgement. There are many people that read the forums and rarely make any posts themselves. So it is always possible these accounts are merely people that do not know how to help or are unsure of themselves and are only comfortable posting about things they know well.

Since most spammers are pretty aggressive in their frequency of posts, I am holding judgement on this one. I did however send them a PM to warn that such activity is frowned upon and could result in being banned.

I prefer to encourage participation rather than chase away observers.



@bkm i have flagged many posts by that account as spam in the past and they have all been removed by the moderator(s). All of the posts i have seen from that account follow the same pattern: advertising that VPS provider. So for this particular account i know for sure that it is being used to promote that VPS service.

@bkm: I originally had a post in this thread, touting my favorite VPS provider. But it was flagged as “spam”. I didn’t have the time/patience to argue with Frappe about it. So I just deleted my post.

Certainly my account is not a known “spammer” of advertising.

I don’t know who is flagging posts. Or maybe they’re using a bot. But certainly it’s not a perfect process, and sometimes posts are unfairly flagged.


Hi @bkm,

sorry for late reply,… I have recently purchased vps for my erpnext project, for which i have shared my review, sorry in case i have to give review after 30-40 post, not aware off…

I leave upto people to experience, just shared my experience…


What about Hostinger VPS servers. Anybody here uses it?