I can't see employee expense claims and can't approve them

I need help, I can’t see employee expense claims. I assigned permissions in the department “X” and to the user (expense approver), but the expense approver can’t see them yet.

there are not any expense claim…

try logging into admin account and see if you can see these said expense claims

I can see as an administrator, but I can’t see as an expense approver :frowning:

what role is assigned to the user from which you cant see this? does that user role have permission to view this?

“Ronando” is expense approver, he can’t see expense claims

maybe its the cache, try clearing it, and for me, it takes few minutes for the permissions to kick in

I already tried, but nothing happens :frowning:

There are some user permissions applied for your user account.

Please click on the restricted button to check which user permissions are getting applied.

go to roler permission manager and open the role permissions for that role and document type

These are the permissions and document type of the expense approver

I pushed the button (Restricted) and this showed

Remove the row 3, expense claim-expense approver-1 and try

Ready, but you still he doesn’t see the expense claim :frowning:

Any luck with this issue?

This is related to User Permissions. You will have to go to the User Permission list and delete the permission applied on Employee (which restricts the user from viewing someone else’s documents).

Hope this helps.

Thankyou… The issue was I didn’t assign report too under employee settings