HTML Template not found for HRMS app after upgraded to V14

Dear All,
I have an issue with HTML template in HRMS module after I upgrade to v14, when open Payroll Entry form:

Is there anyone have this issue?

have you installed the payments module and then the Hrms module ?

Install the module

bench get-app hrms

After that, you can install the hrms app on the required site by running

bench --site sitename install-app hrms

@centaur and @skanel I already install Payments and HRMS, all forms run ok, I have issue with HTML template only, I checked the template already there in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/hrms/hrms/public/js/templates/employees_to_mark_attendance.html, but system still throw “not found”

Is there any solution to fix this issue?

Yeah, the app seems to be missing the following:

I created a pull request

Thanks @batonac for your feedback.
I tried to included as you recommended and found it already bundled but the issue still happened:

Dharma (Han Nguyen)

I worked already, I remove “.html” when call render_template
Thank you so much @batonac

Well, this is actually a different issue. I’m not sure where that ot_request_summary.js is coming from, but it’s not in the standard HRMS app.