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How to validate the checkbox in child table consists of 10 Rows



I have an child table in my doctype its consists of 10 rows i need to validate every row that the checkbox is enabled r not if its not i wont allow to submit …

here is my code it oly viewing the single row not all! can u guys help me to sort out this problem…

for i in self.get("items"):
    if i.label_printed == 0:


Never compare it to zero unless you have explicitly set the default value of the checkmark to zero. Use this instead:

if not i.label_printed

Also, one more:

Wrong quotes usage. You started with a single quote and ended with a double quote.


still it was validating a single row…i need to validate for all rowsss


If this condition is required for ALL cases (All item codes all situations) then, simply keep it mandatory no need for this code.

Then try like this:

invalid_rows = []

for i in self.get("items"):
    if not i.label_printed:

#after loop ends
if invalid_rows:
    row_string = ','.join(invalid_rows)
    frappe.throw("Label Printed not checked in rows {0}".format(row_string))


Thanks alot @root13F this codes fixed my issues…