How to validate Stock Balance report when report shows 0 Balance Qty but nonzero Balance Value?

The Stock Balance report shows 0 for some items’ Balance Qty but nonzero Balance Value both over and sub zero. I don’t know how to validate this report and I would like to correct this error. When you browse to the individual item and request item’s Stock Balance it is another value. Please advise.

Tufan, can you post a few screenshots to help illustrate what you’re seeing?

please find the stock balance (the last row) and ledger for the item in question

have you tried stock reconciliation?

There is 0 stock. What kind of a reconciliation are you talking about?

Is it showing any value in stock reconciliation document?

I really don’t get what you are suggesting. The stock is 0. How can I post a reconciliation?

We facing the same issue did you find any solution?

did you find any solution?

Not yet

Looks like cancelling/deleting and restoring one of your stock related movements does the job.

yes, I found the cause of the issue, that was erpnext calculate wrong valuation rate when make sales invoice return on the past transaction but that issue solved later on updates,

now the solution i need to cancel the past sales invoice return transaction then amend and submit because there is no tool or doctype to repost item valuation rate in version-12


Hello guys

Any update solution to this issue? I am experiencing the same!