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How to use time sheet for manufacturing in v7?

Currently a single time sheet is automatically created with all operation from production order in v7.

1.How can i assign operation to different employees using time sheet ?.before version 7 we used time log to assign jobs to employees.but in version 7 it shows all operation in a single time sheet with no employee details ?.Is there any other option to assign manufacturing job to employees ?

2.System creates time sheet not based on working hours of workstation.for example -we set working hours for a workstation from 8 am to 6 pm.but time sheet creates time log with time greater than 6 pm like from 8 pm-6am. so it shows time overlapping error when we add over time details.

3.I added a new time log entry in existing time sheet with time.but it is not effecting in bom and production order

please help me on to manage time sheet and operation for manufacturing ?

@renjukumar I hope this is a very old communication thread as well as an issue for older version, you can revert if the issue is persistent for the current version.