How to use separate file server to upload big files?

I need to use separate file server to host files only.

When user uploads/attaches files to ERP doctypes/forms then It should save on separate file server to manage storage on the production server.

Is there any standard hook, config settings to achieve it?


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Hi. Did you ever find a solution for this?

Check out Next Cloud and it’s integration app with ERPNext. Maybe that will work

Hi Muzzy. Thanks for the reply. I’ve just taken a brief look at it, and it looks great for backups. What I’m looking to do is use a secondary server for storing files instead of storing them on the ERPNext server inside the site directory. My use case is that in my country there is a legal requirement to “fiscalise” our sales invoices, this process results in a PDF copy of the invoice with a hash signature printed across the bottom of each page. Currently, these PDFs are stored on a Windows server that functions as our SMB-based file server and I have a program that I wrote in Python that sorts them into folders based on the invoice date. My intent is to make each fiscal invoice accessible via ERPNext potentially using REST API in my sorting application to write the invoice back to ERPNext. This could be accomplished very easily apart from the hiccup of needing to store several hundred invoices per month on the ERPNext server, which would bloat up the ERPNext backups and increase the storage requirement for the server when we already have a perfectly functional file server.

managed solution: Frappe Cloud Marketplace

Or alternatively: GitHub - zerodha/frappe-attachments-s3: A frappe app to upload file attachments in doctypes to s3.