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How to use a Naming Series across multiple DocTypes?


How would I go about using a single naming series across multiple DocTypes? I am trying to assign an ID number to all users but the system doesn’t allow me to add customized fields to core DocTypes (the USER DocType). I want a consecutive numbering system for employees, customers, etc.


As for the customisation: If you want to add custom fields to core Doctype, you need to go to -> Customize Form -> ‘User’ (or any doctype you want to modify) Or go to ‘Custom Field’
From there, you’ll be able to add custom fields.

As for the naming series, I think this is what you want: Customizing naming series


Those were the first two things I tried. The user DocType isn’t listed and when I type it in I get “Core DocTypes cannot be customized.” & “Custom Fields cannot be added to core DocTypes.” I am not in developer mode.


That’s not possible, as far as I know.


The only way to achieve what you want is to be in developer mode. Are you hosted by ERPNext? If yes, you need to pass by them first.