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How to upgrade to V13

Hey developers, I’m using V12 and it got alot of customization on each department, and I want to upgrade to V13 without loosing anything.

This works for me:
During installation answer all yes. Copy SSL certificates paths , are deleted during installation.

Initial versions
ERPNext: v12.19.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.16.3 (version-12)
bench/frappe: 5.0.0
node: v8.17.0
yarn: v1.16.0
npm: 6.13.4
python: 3.6.9
Upgrade the system
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
Update node-npm-yarn
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo npm install -g npm
sudo npm install -g yarn
Upgrade frappe-bench
sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade frappe-bench
Installation directory
cd -your-directory-
bench setup requirements
bench update
Error (later resolved)
error: <class 'socket.error'>, [Errno 13] Permission denied: file: /usr/lib/python2.7/ line: 228
New version
bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade
sudo service nginx restart
sudo supervisorctl reload
bench update --patch
Fix previous error
sudo systemctl start supervisor
sudo systemctl enable supervisor
sudo bench setup production -your-user-
bench update
bench build
Change port (if necessary)
bench set-nginx-port site1.local 8080
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

Add the SSL certificates (if necessary)

Final versions
ERPNext: v13.0.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.0.2 (version-13)
bench/frappe: 5.3.0
node: v10.24.1
yarn: v1.22.10
npm: 7.8.0
python: 3.6.9

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I’ll update it right now, thanks