How to Upgrade? - no frappe

ERPNext was installed with a downloaded install script (I don’t recall which). I’d very much like to upgrade, but every upgrade guide I read invokes bench.
I have no frappe-bench!
As troublesome as it was to initially install and get everything running, I’m very loath to start from scratch. Any pointers appreciated.
CentOS 6 2.6.32-573.22.1.el6.x86_6
Python 2.6.6
ERPNext 3.14.4

Since you’re on version 3, look at

Be sure to take appropriate backups and snapshots though - I’m sure there will be lots of issues throughout the process.

Thank you! That is, however, exactly my concern. I can’t simply shut down my production box, start updating, and hope for the best :frowning:

It may be easier install on another box and, once I have everything up and running, restore from backup of production box. However, all the backup info I find refers to using bench - which I don’t have. Would a mysql restore from the old version work in the new?

Thanks again for your assistance, it is very appreciated :slight_smile:

I am certainly no expert here, but everything you’re running currently is VERY outdated. If I were in your situation I would spin up a Digital Ocean droplet and install the new system. Spend some time with the new ERPNext because there have been 4 major upgrades and thousands of commits since v3. Then I would start exporting all your data from your current setup into the new version.

Doing it this way has a few benefits:

  • take as long as you want to do it, without interruption of service
  • avoid dealing with outdated dependancy errors since you’re installing on a fresh, updated machine
  • better support for any errors you do face because its a clean install
  • when you’re ready, switch the domain name to the DO droplet and take your time updating your in house server
  • migrate from DO to in-house when you’re ready

Again, I’m no expert, and I find formatting spreadsheets tedious but easier than troubleshooting any OS but Windows or Mac. Maybe others will have suggestions if you want to try the upgrade and migrate from v3.

Good luck!

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Sounds like a plan, Dbone. That is what I’ll do.

Unfortunately, it is clearly a painful and convoluted process. Had I realized, when downloading an install script, I was installing an ancient release, I would likely have made far different choices.

Thank you kindly for your time and suggestion.

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