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How to uncheck ((Custom?)) from DocType?

I’m Trying to create an app, of course I started with creating DocType, but the problem is how can I unchecked Custom? here?

I clicked many times but nothing changed, and yes I’m login as an administrator

by the way I’m using Ubuntu 16

But why do you want to un check it? I believe since its a custom form you making is for your specific needs, it needs to be flagged like that, else it will get lost when you do version upgrade.

Btw, have you read something in documentation about benefits of removing the ‘Custom’ flag?

No I did not … But my friend told that I can not use .py files in my app while Custom? is checked

The folder doctype is not present even after creating the doctypes.
After exploring I came to know that doctype will be visible only after unchecking the custom? box.

for this developer_mode has to be on too.


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Thank you.
I am able to uncheck the custombox now but the folder doctype is not there.

check your developer_mode in


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Got it. Thanks :smiley: