How to unassign from action button?

If we select multiple items the action button will appear. Inside we can find Assign To option, Using that we can assign multiple item at once. Similarly, how to mark unassigned by bulk selection.

Currently this feature is not available out of the box. Want to contribute?

@crazy_explorer and @saurabh6790 To add such functionality, there are 2 JavaScript files must be modified, 1 JavaScript file must be created and 1 Python file must be created to reverse the action, unless if it is just about setting the status to Cancelled then 1 Python file must be modified.

I’ll try to do it and contribute it to Frappe.

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@crazy_explorer & @saurabh6790 This is my contribution.

If they don’t merge my modification, I will convert it to a plugin so you can install it yourself.

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