How to track project level outstanding?

I wanna track the project level Outstanding.In our business model we generally get payment by 3 slots from the customer. Unless we get the 2nd slot , we don’t show it as sales and don’t create sales invoice as well. So is there any process where I can get project level Outstanding & debtor ledger without even creating sales invoice ?

How are you booking the 1st payment received in the system and also how are you invoicing the customer for the 1st payment?

There is not invoice we do as such for the 1st payment , we just create JV for the 1st payment , AS per the policy of the company ,we don’t show it as sales if the 2nd slot is not received. Till that we just show it as advance from the customer.

Unfortunately as per my knowledge there is not easy way of doing that. ERPnext does not have an intuitive milestones based invoicing for projects yet. There are work arounds, but none is complete in my opinion.


Or else is there any other option you would like to suggest ?

Milestone based billing is a different subject and not related to this issue I think, having milestone based billing won’t solve the scenario reported

@swagat You can try to create “pro forma” invoice from the system. Refer to the section on pro forma invoice in the Sales Invoice help

Dear @Pawan, how milestone billing is a different subject? Clearly @swagat is saying that he needs slots (milestones) in his projects to be able to show progressive sales (milestone invoicing). I think in his question he is asking for a way to do that without invoicing due to the limitation of the system, not due to the right way a company should operate.

Milestone billing is used for 2 scenarios mainly, the one @swagat is asking for, and the other scenario will be advance payment. Currently the way ERPnext handle advance payment is also not a very intuitive process but that’s another subject.

Milestone based billing still would raise invoices and book outstanding based on project milestones being reached, so the accounting entries would still be created I think. As of now, there is no milestone based billing in ERPNext but you can create different tasks for each milestones and add a custom field to track amounts if that is what you need.

If you just want to track amounts and not create accounting entries via invoice then pro forma invoice can be used.