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How to to Small Field in Doctype


This works for me.
I am trying to change the heading color.


What are you trying to change it to?


I tried to change the heading color and used below code thats works for me.

frm.get_field(“field_name”) = “green”;


I really want it to happen!


Hi @fatheyabdelslam ,

You can try changing the field width by setting the value of column in the field settings as shown in the image below:

Make sure that the total of column widths for all fields in a section (from left to right) does not exceed 10.
For eg. if your have 4 fields you can set their widths as (2,2,3,3) or (2,4,2,2) or any other combination with a total not exceeding 10.

This is based on the Bootstrap grid-layout structure. If you know that, you’ll understand this quickly.


That’s for the “list view”.