How to take local backup locally and in dropbox of ERPNext installed via Oracle Virtual Box

Can your VM access the internet?

Maybe we should take a step back, and look at the main problem. You want to get your backups out of the VM, correct? You can use any FTP Client (I use Filezilla) and connect to the VM using the creds :

Using SFTP
Hostname : localhost
Username : frappe
Password : frappe

You can then access the entire filesystem of the VM and copy anything you want.

I downloaded filezilla
Then in Host I wrote localhost
Username : frappe
Password : frappe
there is another box after Password called Port. What should I write there? I tried 8080 but it failed connection.

Even after one month I can’t sort out Dropbox backup.

i am starting to believe that it does not work

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu The port should be 22 or 3022, sorry I should’ve mentioned

The port its 22

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