How to stretch the ERP quote module to fill the screen

I have long descriptions for items that have to be rechecked prior to confirming quotes and currently work on a 27" monitor. It would be great for our operation that we check the item description prior to printing out a pdf as it takes time to print the pdf, the see the errors, press cancel-> amend and then save-> submit and print again. Also Why does the active item description become invisible while entering

Any pic , ERPnext version, errors would be nice to see what you are saying.

When you create a new item, you are already entering the description in the item doctype… So when you call the item … its already fetched from there… Why would you need to recheck again ???

Why would you need to recheck again ???

Because u have changed/amended the description to be more understandable to the client. After the altering, you need to re-check especially when a quote has more than 15 items.

If you see the screen shot, the first item is not visible, you need to fill in atleast 2 items for the previous item to show and in the view, you cannot see the entire description until you print out the quote or go to print preview which is not available until you save and then submit.

Do u have no option to stretch to fill the screen with the module (and let the items you enter be visble after entering)?

Well you could click on the down arrow…


which will open the window where you can edit the fetched description

Is there any plugin/ mod to stretch or not?


I thought the image above was clear what you wanted… basically to edit the description.

You can print the transactions before submission. May be you have disabled the option. Also you can add the description column to item table and check for each item