How to store the stock holder investment?

For a bootstrapped small business, which has 4 stockholders, money is lended by them often, to make some cash flow.

I like to capture the incoming money from them, with some receipts so that we can maintain records their investments.

How to do this as a purchase invoice way?

I dont want to do as adhoc payment entry.

Hi @Shrinivasan_T
The right way to capture this would be to create Capital Account for each Shareholder under Liabilities and then pass a Journal Entry

Capital Account Cr
Bank/Cash A/C Dr

For proof (receipt) you can take a Print of the Journal Entry

This transaction should not be recorded as a Purchase

Thanks for the info @Manan_Shah

It worked well.

I was trying to add the same at “Payment Entry” instead of “Journal Entry”. :frowning:

Thanks for your neat guidance.

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Payment Entry is for Debtor or Creditor only.

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