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How to stop Birthday Reminders for Employee


I have noticed so many times that after we change the status of an Employee to left but the birthday reminder emails are still being sent via ERP.

Any idea what we missed to put off?

Ruchin Sharma


In HR -> HR Settings ->Stop Birthday Reminders checkbox


But, I think this will stop birthday reminders for every employee whether active or not.

Ruchin Sharma


hello ruchin,

use tricky cheat.hehe…

change birthday to February 29, 2000

you can get that 1 email every 4 year ^^


This is a wrong practice.

Ruchin Sharma


Dear @shreya115
I think you didn’t read my post, I have already mentioned that after changing their status to left still we are receiving birthday reminder emails.

Ruchin Sharma


I did read it, removed my comment after I realized that, sorry!
I tested it locally, it doesn’t fetch employees who are not active.


Default should be birthday reminder = off!

Got several data security complaints from several users who got notified on January 1st (=default birth date).