How to start development in ERPNext?

I am coming from pure windows and visual studio dev environment.

I have downloaded the development OVA from official website, and running in virtual box.

But I don’t know how to move forward from here.

Currently my goal is to just build the project myself and deploy as VM.

Which dev tools to use? They will be in the VM or on my host OS? Right now the VM doesn’t have GUI.

If you’re looking into deploying ERPNext on VM on Windows checkout Bitnami ERPNext which hosts the latest version of ready to deploy ERPNext image.

I don’t just have to deploy, I have to setup the development environment. I have to open the code in IDE, modify code, make customizations according to my need and then build and deploy.

Once the image is running on the VM, you can directly SSH into the server on localhost (using Vscode, etc.) and modify the code and make customizations accordingly.

(This is how I do it).

ok. Do we have official OVA of v13?

Not sure if v13 is available but this is the link to download and check,

Last, when I had checked (in August), only v12 was available officially.

I’ve been impressed by how easy it is to get the official docker set up for development.

Edit: oops, forgot the link!

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