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How to show the custom balance in the list view



Is it possible to display customer balance in the list view without need to click on each customer to see its balance?



@bghayad Thanks for reaching out!

Can you elaborate on your request? A screenshot would be helpful.


I assume you want this unpaid balance to be visible in the list next to the customer name.


This may be possible via sales_invoice_list.js but does not seem too easy and will possibly hog on resources depending on the number of customers you have - since as you view more customers recalculation will take place.

Also the above figures you see are not standard doctype fields so checking in_list_view is out of the question. I would not recommend setting them each time in some field, bad idea.

Plus you’ll have to lose out on a field in the list view.


Hello @root13F

Yes this is exactly what I am talking about it.

Do you have any idea on the script (code) that we have to write it in the sales_invoice_list.js to be able to display it?

Yes but it will be good to be used if the number of customers are small.
Otherwise (if number of customers is big) then it will be possible to display it as field which will be updated when customer page (the customer form it self) is loaded.



Not yet. I may know if I try but I’ll need some time.

They are bound to grow in the future so someday it will surely cause a problem.

But this still won’t solve your problem because it would then depend on a user opening the document hence it is likely that the balance shown on the list is not correct.


Hello @root13F

What about this idea for displaying customer balance in the listview:

Is it possible to display the customer balance by click on the checkbox that is existed in each record in the listview as shown in the below image:




Is it possible to select the row in the listview and right click on the mouse, then select view balance, and a pop up to show the balances?

Or, if I put the mouse on the name of the customer, then to display a small text box (like hint) contains the balances?