How to set the account head in landed cost voucher

f you are using “Perpetual Inventory”, the system will post general ledger entries to correct Stock-in-Hand balance. It will debit (increase) corresponding “warehouse account” and credit (decrease) “Expense Included in Valuation” account. If items are already delivered, the Cost-of-Goods-Sold (CoGS) value has been booked as per old valuation rate.

Please refer the link to learn more.

Hope this helps.

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I need defined gl account for every line on ADDITIONAL CHARGES row

for example :

row 1 > the customs 400 $ withe gl account > a
row 2 > Shipping expenses 200 EUR withe gl account > b


did you find any solution for this requirement ?

I don’t think it’s possible right now… A work around, make another journal entry to split it after landed voucher is submitted