How to set Support Email Address for Server Error

Hi everyone,

I deliberately trying to fetch a table that doesn’t exist in the Database, so I will get a server error popup and in the top right corner, there is a ‘Report’ button.


If I clicked the “Report” button it will get me a message like below:

I would like to know how to set the support email address in case of in the future, the application user could report issues when they encounter server-side errors.

The GitHub issue link: GitHub:

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Hi welcome to ERPNext,

A grep search on ‘Support Email Address Not Specified’ found nothing, so this is no easy nut to crack - this dialog you have uncovered may not interface to the usual ERPNext configurable code?

For example Python libraries like six, urllib3 use tkinter that I think is compiled C source that is possibly dynamically loaded, so that is not easily searched.

That may be the case here with pymysql with some other dialog plugin library?

Read about

To explore this may help too

Hi Clarkej,

Thanks for the help and directions on how to solve this problem.
I remembered that I may have deleted the support email address when setup the database, I will create a test site and set it to see if that’s the case.

But regardless, I think it should provide a way to change the support email address after installing.

I posted an issue on GitHub:

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Hi @AOL,

did you figure the support email out? We are seeing the same error message…

In the github issue ci2014 (?) posted this comment:

You can define the support email address in your site_config.json:

“error_report_email”: "",

If you put the line at the last line in the json object, remove the comma.

The path to site_config.json is ~/frappe-bench/sites/


Yes, please check out the github issue links:

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