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How to restrict patient appointments doctor wise

How can i set up user permissions so that a healthcare worker can only see appointments for him or his department?

I have set up the following user permissions, but they don’t work.


You can add query conditions for Patient Appointment in file.

In query conditions, you can add a condition to filter out appoints for the current logged in doctors. This way, current logged in user can see only his appointments.

I simply agree for custom solution.

But, as described in question & as intended (obviously that’s why user permissions exist), should work, isn’t it?

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@asharamseervi Yes, your are right.

By default, a healthcare worker should see only his appointments. Due to a bug, it is showing all appointments.

For now, you can disable ignore_user_permissions flag on practitioner field & department field. Once these flags are set, the above user permissions will work.


This issue is fixed and pushed to develop branch. It will be available in the next version.