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How to restore Backup


We want restore our backup in the system, so how we added in the system our backup.

Remove GCalendar module

bench —site [sitename] restore

Additional parameters:
—with-private-files (path to tar file)
—with-public-files (path to public files)

bench migrate


If the command that @schilgod gave you doesn’t work, then I have always used this command from the ~/frappe-bench directory:

sudo bench --force --site [site_name] restore /path_to_sql_file

This has never failed me. It has always worked since as far back as at least version 7 of ERPNext. I use it several time a week to move copies of the backup to other testing servers.

Hope this helps.




Have understood the commands, but don’t know where I should be entering these commands. Which is the command line prompt for frappe for ERPNext Cloud… and how do I access it.

Excuse my ignorance, but I’m new to this whole thing.


This should help:



Never mind… post deleted.

You will have to contact the guys running the cloud to see if you can get command line access. Many of us here run our own servers and have that access from the beginning.