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How to remove "Powered by ERP Next" from website

Sorry, you can’t do that. Read the license policy.

It’s open source. You can. Legally you can do pretty much anything as long as you redistribute the source and retain the license + attribution. :+1:

Security by obfuscation doesn’t work. That is not sufficient to knock down your fortress of gold. :grin:

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Brian I agree with becoming an expert. You can’t sell a platform and keep your client if you are not an expert. Having said that i’ve been whitelabelling software for over 10 years and selling it. None of those came free. Open source isnt free either. I might white label it, but i’m not foolish enough to think I don’t need to have an expert on retainer. Is there a place where we can post things we want done. A platform like fiver ( which in this case would be 50 or 500) would be great. Any suggestions?

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To my knowledge, the only site like you’re describing is what @flexy2ky posted above.