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How to remove "Powered by ERP Next" from website

How to remove “Powered by ERP Next” from website.

Why would you need to do that?

Because I want my website to be viewed as white labled to my clients.

Please let me know to remove it. It will be great favour from your side.

As a community, many of us are strongly against white labeling. You may find someone willing to help you…

…but you could be waiting a while.

My personal opinion: You want to white label? Then become an expert in ERPNext, so you can provide amazing support to your clients. Because you’re taking away their ability to reach out to the larger ERPNext community.

And if you’re an expert in ERPNext? Then you would already know how to do something easy, like editing a small piece of text.


I’m really thank you for your response on my query.

I wanted this website for by business purpose, where I have personal customer visiting my website which should be white label. Please suggest me what can I do. I’m not a developer nor I’m a ERP Next expert.


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Will this remove Powered by ERP Next?

I think that as long as you don’t claim the source as yours and change the signature removing this text has no harm.

We as community (together) gain more by improving this great App versus as standalone.

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Hello Jesus,

We agree that developing ERPNext as a Community offers the greatest positive contributions.

From a Security standpoint, however, advertising the system in use increases the risk of malicious activity. We too think removing the ‘Powered by ERPNext’ text from the Website (at very least the main Landing pages) is important.

Please consider this request as we understand many more Business Clients simply cannot publish the Website with the current footer.


reCIPHER Group

I disagree. Security by obscurity is what you want to do. There are so many easy methods to figure out what system framework/backend is running, by just viewing the page source.

If the website is not to be published with the current footer, then it can be removed by reviewing the code, but it won’t relieve you from security problems, if they exist.

Edit: corrected grammer and sentence construction


This is another pointer for you.

This option not for hide powered by ERP Next Footer

Add This code to your website theme

body > footer > section > div > > div.text-muted.small.col-
sm-6.col-12.text-right.footer-powered > a{

not working bro

cd /bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/templates/includes/footer
nano footer_powered.html

The best way to remove “Powered by ERPNext” from the free, opensource ERPNext system, would be to pay a vast amount of money for the development of a customised system.

Hahahaha. I love that response.