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How to remove Cypress dependancy


Hi everyone.
I’m keen on being able to install ERPNext to a FreeBSD jail on ZFS and provide documentation back to the community.

So far I’ve been able to document all the prerequisites to get to the point of running bench init frappe-bench for the manual install.

I now get as far as the failure due to Cypress not being supported on FreeBSD. Based on my research on this board, it would appear that Cypress is used for UI unit testing, but isn’t a requirement for a production instance.

Is there a way that I can exclude Cypress from the build? I appreciate any input that can be offered.


Hi welcome to ERPNext -

A search on ‘cypress freebsd’ turns up if that helps Bringing back UI Tests using Cypress


If you use something like FreeNAS, you can run it in a LINUX jail. You can, however, use ZFS directly in Debian, which is 100% compatible for ERPNext, and which will save you a lot of trouble