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How to remotely access erpnext with ipv6 static IP


I am struggling in accessing erpnext remotely over ipv6. Can someone please help me on this.

I don’t think you can do that over IPV6, unless the browser it self allowed you to do so.

Hi @ramielian, ya even I am not able to access it over IPv6 localhost (::1). So there is no way ERPNEXT can be deployed over IPV6 rather than IPV4

Actually, you can, but it is not as easy, that’s it.

IPV4 or IPV6 doesn’t matter as long as you configure the server to use it (server in this case is nginx).

ERPnext will serve what ever domain / IPv that nginx is set to server, so if you really want to do that and have no other ways to get an IPv4, then check this out

Thanks @ramielian for help. It worked

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