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How to refresh list view data



Is there any way to refresh list view data,?

we have a custom app and need to show only specific data based on user level…

In our scenario, we can not use default user permission form.

Any link or example would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


You can use Query Permissions

please check this link:



Is there any way to Change the grid, like if I can use ag-grid (one of the javascript grid) instead of default grid ?


Thanks @OmarJaber…but in this way, I can set where clause for that specific doctype only…

Is there any other way where I can get data from another doctype also? (like join of two doctype)


yes you can use join in DB query
you can check an example from here


Yes, it is possible and this can be by understanding how the current list is written. But really I do not know how to do it and I hope if someone can give idea how to do such thing. But yes, it is possible.
I am assuming that you mean by the grid is the list.