How to print BOM with manufacturer part number?

Hi ERPNext community - is there any way to produce a report that includes the supplier, supplier part number, manufacturer and manufacturer part number for each Item on a BOM?

I am also interested in this.

Any action on this? We need to be able to track Manufacturers and Manufacturer Part Numbers …

User Report Builder in Item
Can help you some maybe

Item Report Builder

Interesting, thanks!

Is there a module or a master table where we can add all of our manufacturers and another one for all of their part numbers? This is what we really need…

That happens at the ITEM level. In ITEM you can designate the manufacturer and the manufacturer part number. BUT If you have an ITEM that you get from multiple manufacturers, ERPNExt is not granular enough to tell you which manufacturer’s item you picked out of the bin to build your product UNLESS you give a new Item Code to each version of the ITEM. (Version meaning different manufacturer)

Sounds complicated when I try to explain it, but it really isn’t.

If you but your ITEM from multiple manufacturers all under the same Item Code in ERPNext, then the system assumes the ITEMS are identical and the manufacturer is insignificant because the ITEMS are all being lumped into one ERPNext Item Code. Therfore, the system will not be able to tell you which manufacturer made the specific ITEM you picked to include in your product build unless you segregate them in inventory with unique Item Codes.

Hope that helps…


Hi @bkm, yes thank you so much for helping! We are evaluating ERP systems (currently use Odoo 9) and really like ERPNext.

We have some items (usually very common things like resistors or capacitors) that have multiple manufacturers and multiple manufacturer numbers. While we track what actual component goes into each product, that is not as important since as you mentioned they all work the same, with the same specs.

However, it becomes tricky for us for ordering/buying those parts, to make sure we have enough in stock for all of our production…

Fortunately, ERPNext allows you to do this by simply adding a row in the supplier or manufacture table of ITEM along with the appropriate part number. This allows the purchasing module to easily purchase the same item from multiple suppliers or manufacturers.

Then using the minimum quantity level setting in the ITEM can be used to trigger a notice to purchase certain items that fall below the specified level.


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Thanks so much @BKM, somehow I missed your response!

Yes, this is what we would like to do…I guess I need to find some clear, step-by-step instructions to implement! I am still wrapping my head around ERPNext…